Andy Reid

CEO and founder

Andy has worked in the youth sector for over 20 years providing support and mentoring to young people across south London and Surrey. Most recently Andy was responsible for managing and delivering the National Citizen Service across this area. Andy is a gifted Youth worker and is keen to see young people supported to be the best they can be.

Buddy Up is a chance for young people to develop skills so that they can thrive in education, relationships and beyond.

Warren Townsend

Chair of trustees

Warren is a husband and father who works as a software developer. He has been bookkeeper for his local church and has served on the leadership team. He also has many years experience working with children and young people as a volunteer. When not working he may be found on his bike or climbing a hill.

Beth Wilson


Beth has a background in paediatric nursing and has been a senior lecturer on the subject. Beth is currently the Head of Children’s services in the London borough of Sutton. With experience in safeguarding and child health and development, she is an invaluable resource to Buddy Up. Beth, coincidentally, also has a dog called Buddy.

Rowan Ring


Rowan works supporting children, families and schools in Surrey to access mental health support. As a nurse she has worked in hospitals and schools as well as supporting children with complex medical and emotional needs in the community. Rowan is a local mum who is passionate about advocating for the needs of todays children and young people.



Mieke is one of our mentors and she brings with her 15 years experience of working with children and young people. She has a keen focus on supporting young people to find a true sense of self, to be proud of who they are and to develop their strengths in whatever area they lie. She loves all things adventure and in her spare time can be found taking road trips across the country or spending time in nature.



Georgie is a Nutritional and Behavioural Therapist with a particular interest in emotional and mental wellbeing. She first started working in the youth sector nearly a decade ago and is driven to provide interventions at an early age to set the young person up for life. Giving young people the tools to manage their environment, social media, home life, school, friendships, food and much more is a responsibility Georgie feels an urgency and responsibility for.

Buddy Up is such an important opportunity for young people to be individually heard, understood and guided.

Nicky Clement


Nicky is passionate about early intervention to promote good mental health and well-being for young people. As well as being a mum to 2 grown up children, she has worked in primary education for many years whilst gaining a degree from the open university. Her life experiences and studies have driven the desire to be part of an organisation who makes a difference.

Nicky enjoys walking in the countryside, swimming, painting or just sitting in the sunshine!

At Buddy Up we take safeguarding extremely seriously.

If you have a concern about a safeguarding issue relating to a young person on our programme, please email [email protected].

If there is immediate risk to a young person, please contact the police.

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Charity number: 1190942

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Call us: 07551444246

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‘Buddy Up has become a crucial part of the wellbeing intervention on offer in our school. The level of resilience and confidence in the students who have received support has rocketed and without mentoring they would have been less inclined to continue to engage with their education.’

‘The support which Buddy Up has provided our students the year has been invaluable. The students benefit from being able to speak to someone who has no links to school or family and have really opened up. It has been so successful that some of our students who have transitioned to mainstream provision have requested continued support from Buddy Up and the sessions have continued.’

‘My confidence has really increased. I question myself less. If I want to do something I will hesitate less and just do it.’
‘It was really nice to have something not so formal as what I have had with CAMHS.’